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2013 Competition Topic


Imagine a not-so-distant future…It is 2017, and NASA′s Mars Science Laboratory, Curiosity, has been hard at work on the surface of the Mars for nearly half a decade, amassing an incredible legacy of exploration and ground breaking scientific research. In this time, engineers at JPL and scientists around the world have blown right past the previous boundaries of what we knew about our neighboring planet, uncovering thousands of clues about Martian history, climate, geology, and biology.

The parts on the rover were only designed and tested for a lifetime of about four years, though, and slowly but surely, the dusty journeys, wide temperature swings, and rocky terrain are wearing curiosity down. As one system after another reaches the end of its useful life, NASA reaches out to you for creative ideas about how to keep Curiosity in the game just a little bit longer. You won’t be able to get another mission to the Martian surface anytime soon, so you have to make use of the resources at hand- on Curiosity and circling the Red Planet.

How would you maximize the final returns of this amazing vehicle? What would you do if the robotic arm was stuck in a stowed position? Or if the mobility systems broke down? What if you lost your UHF communications link? Or your four front haz cams? Pick one or more of these scenarios. What would you envision for your final campaign of Curiosity? Science, education, entertainment-It's all fair game. What if…..

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