2013 Competition Topic

With the goal of encouraging students to think about the growing field of green propulsion; the "What If" competition asks teams of students (grades 9-12) to design a vehicle propulsion system using available materials including candy and carbonated beverages.

Your teams will:

    1- Design a vehicle propelled by the soda geyser (turning the soda bottle sideways to allow the geyser to propel the vehicle horizontally). You need to design a vehicle and manipulate propulsion variables such as nozzle size and shape, soda type, temperature, and quantity along with variations of sugary additives (candies) in an effort to develop a vehicle that travels the farthest on the soda propulsion system.

    2- Develop a research plan

    3- A valid method for measuring your result

    4- A video presentation of your project (Which will be posted on youtube)

    5- A complete a two-page research essay on the future and the importance of developing and using green fuels

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