2013 Submission Guidelines

How to Submit your Entry:

  1. You MUST email your Entry (research plan and research essay) to entry@whatifprize.org no later than 11:59pm US Central Time, March 31st, 2013.
  2. Ensure you receive a confirmation email that your entry was received. Without this confirmation, your team is not entered in the competition. If you get a notice that your entry was received and you did not submit it, please contact the What If Management team immediately at info@whatifprize.org so we can investigate the situation.

How to Submit your Video presentation:

Entrants (or if entering as a Team, the Team Leader) must have or create a
free YouTube account. To register for a YouTube account, go http://www.youtube.com/account and follow the instructions provided.
Be sure your video is formatted and encoded
in accordance with the requirements listed on the YouTube website.

    • Running time for video: Maximum two (2) minutes. Sponsors may at their discretion allow Entries that run up to 10 seconds longer than two (2) minutes.

    • Language:Entries are accepted in English,

    • Broadcast Setting:When uploading a video Entry, the broadcast setting must be set to “Public”.

    • Embedding:Your video must have the YouTube embedding functionality turned “on”. You can enable embedding of your video on external sites by following these steps:

    1. Select "My Uploaded Videos" in your account.

    2. Click the "Edit Video Info" button to the right of the video in question.

    3. Click the "Broadcasting and Sharing Options" section.

    4. Click the radio button next to "Yes, external sites may embed and play this video"

    5. Click the "Update Video Info" button at the bottom of the page

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